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7 thoughts on “Tisbury Fish & chips

  1. Glad to see fish & chip shop still open. My Father & Mother owned shop from 1937
    until 1966. I lived there until 1951 when I got married & now live in Ferndown. Good old days.
    Graham Hogg

    1. Hi Graham – I know it’s fantastic – I used to go to your Mum & Dad’s shop in in the fifties with my father and in the sixties with my girlfriends – My father was Fred Wilkins and I was born in Albany House – Your parents made the best ever Fish & Chips – Mind you they are pretty good there now!

  2. Hi i remember Hogg’s fish & chips I used to live in Albany house my dad was Roy Satterley cattle dealer farmer he used Fred Wilkins transport. We had some great fish & chips I remember Hogg’e in his van hitting the railway bridge but he still made it to open up in the evening.

    1. Hi Robert,
      I must apologise for the lack of recent postings but I have a few heart issues, unfortunately genetic, and have not recently been up to editing. Hence the delay.
      You obviously knew my my father Fred and probably the rest of my family, and as you will remember used to live at Albany House before moving to Chilmark.
      I used to drive the milk and hay lorry prior to the business being sold after my Father sadly died of Parkinson’s related problems and I certainly remember your family name and I must have met you.
      Nobody locally will ever forget Hogg’s Fish & Chips and I remember when he first opened, everything that should have been done well, was the complete opposite, with his cooking – Soggy Batter, Boney Fish and almost raw chips. Luckily he stuck with it and after 2 months his take away was superb and always stayed that way.
      I also remember the ‘Bridge’ occasion.
      Oh how Tisbury has changed but I am now back here living out my final years near the river and loving it.
      I often see Robert Barnes, and his family has, like us, been in the area for generations.
      Take Care Robert and I look Forward To Hearing From You Again – My Kindest Regards Paul

      1. Hi PSW ?? Sorry if never replied but only just looked at website yes i remember the green lorries that use to pick up our milk from Court Street farm and the other farm at Chicklade Bottom Fonthill Bishop.l to remember Robert Barnes i used to shoot on his dads farm (Charlie Barnes he used to drive a Rover car) my elder brother (Brian) used to catch eels at the hatches with Robert. Nice to chat with you all the best Robert S

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