Great twist on Toad in the Hole using Lee Downer’s superb Pork & Leek sausages fast griddled in my own mix of spices, covered in a whole grain mustard batter & oven baked until golden. Served with fresh watercress from the beds in Broad Chalke and a home-made hot chilli, tomato, garlic & red onion mayonnaise. Enjoy!


6 Downers Fine Meats Pork & Leek Sausages – Coat in my mix of spices, Fast Griddle on all sides for a few minutes until striped & browned – Leave to rest.

Place baking tin with its base well covered in Lee’s Dripping or Rapeseed Oil (olive oil burns too quickly) into a very hot pre-heated to 220c / Gas 7 oven. Leave until smoking hot. Meanwhile put in a mixing bowl:

1 Mug of plain flour

1 Mug of cracked eggs – Up to the top of the mug

1 Mug of half milk & half water in which 1 large table-spoon of whole grain mustard has been dissolved

Mix all the above ingredients for this easy batter, with a little salt & white pepper

Add the mixture to the tin of smoking dripping/oil, pop in the lightly fast griddled pork & leek sausages & place tin quickly back into the oven

Cook for 25/30 minutes & DO NOT open the oven, until golden

Cool a little & cut into slices

*The texture & look of the cooked batter should be crisp on the outside but slightly bread-like inside, with the mustard seeds evenly distributed – See photo above 

*I do not bother to sieve the flour or leave the mixture to rest

*My mix of griddling spices – After quickly toasting, then grind together black onion seeds, yellow mustard seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds & black pepper seeds, then toss them all in a mix of sea-salt & chilli powder & hot oak-smoke paprika

*My mix for adding to mayonnaise, creme fraiche, or for dips or sauces – Cover in olive oil, dry sherry, black pepper, sea salt, my griddling spices & cardamom seeds (soak pods in boiling water & rip out the black seeds)  – 6 halved ripe tomatoes, 2 large red chillies, I halved small red onion, 1 whole garlic – Then roast off until browned, chill, peel and lightly blitz or mash. The mix keeps well in the fridge or frozen in ice cube trays